Türk Telekom Stadium

Towering in Sarıyer, Istanbul, Turkey, Türk Telekom Stadium is taken as the home stadium of the club Galatasaray S.K., accommodating 12,223 spectators at a time. When bid for the host right of the European Championship, the football stadium became the number one stadium consisting with standards of UEFA Euro 2016. It was inaugurated at the football stadium in 1921. With the promoting process of urbanization, a military camp within the stadium was removed. From 1933 to 1935, after long-time negotiation, a new plot of land was used to build a new stadium getting out of limits of city.

The new construction work was started from excavation in 1936, with the financial supports of then president of the Turkish Sports Organization. For lack of funds and influences of war, the project was postponed. For bad transportation network and strong winds, the football stadium was was not popular among spectators and football lovers. For the reason of factors and after a series of vicissitudes, the football stadium was opened in 1964.