Vodafone Park

As a multi-purpose football stadium rather than a football-special stadium, many activities also could be hold at the Vodafone Park, such as large-size concerts, solo concerts, cultural and recreational activities. Vodafone Park was one of the super products of designer DB Architects. The fundamental infrastructure, modern sports system, illumination condition are fully consistent with the UEFA 4-category standards, which are the strictest standards among regulations on stadium infrastructure by UEFA.

Vodafone Park is a renowned football stadium of Turkey, locating in Istanbul, Turkey, with a capacity of 43,500 spectators. At the very beginning, the football stadium was built at the previous site of BJK İnönü Stadium. The football stadium is equipped with 144 executive suites, lounges, VIP parking lots and big restaurants. Spectators in the football stadium can enjoy Stadium Vision and high-speed Wi-Fi technology. The new football stadium was designed by a famous architecture.