China Away Shirt 2016

Modern football is one of the most popular sports activities in many countries. The basic shape and rule of football derive from ancient China. Many know that the sport was originally called “cuju” in ancient China.

Cuju first appeared in the well-known ancient Chinese historical work Zhan Guo Ce (“Strategies of the Warring States”), which defined cuju as a form of entertainment among the common people.

Later, cuju was used as a military training manner during the Han Dynasty. As the ancestor of football, the evolution of cuju’s shape has undergone many changes in China’s history.

During the Tang Dynasty, the original hair-stuffed ball made out of two pieces of leather was replaced by an air-filled ball, making the ball rounder and lighter.

Then during the Song Dynasty, craftsmanship of the football is further improved. The eight pieces of cuspate leather are took place by 12 pieces of better feathers.

Modern football is manufactured by advanced technology. Accompanying the evolution of football, the manufacturing of football shirts also witnessed big changes more or less. Based on the same design as the China home kit, the new China football shirt is predominantly yellow with the same graphic print on the front as the home shirt.

The whole outlook adopts the gradually shaded armor pattern, inspired by the ancient armor on battlefield. Red stripes run the length of football shirt, exaggerating breathability of football shirt for professional players at sports event.

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